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This locality situated in the Atlantic sector of the province of Río Negro, occupies the second place as long as tourism affluence to the province is concerned, after San Carlos de Bariloche. 
It posseses 2,5 km. of golden sand beaches bathed by warm waters and gentle slopes. The sea is blue and is surrounded by huge cliffs, where water and time have carved beautiful caves that protect the tourist from the Patagonic winds.
Of Mediterranean architecture, this picturesque summer village has variable coasts that offer the walker sand dunes,  ravines, clean sand, and rocky formations in which mussels and octupus hide. 
Located over the San Matías Gulf, its temperate, transparent waters, are ideal for resting, sporting fishing, walking, fishing and scuba diving. The high contents of silicon, calcium, sulphur, magnesium, sodium, potassium and iodine of the sea water, give it hypertonic and curative properties which can be used in a future thalassotherapy centre. 
This place, located at 15 km. of San Antonio Oeste, offers all the necessary facilities for the tourist: hotels, bungalows, camping lands, restaurants (many of them specialized in sea fruits), cafeterias, casino, as well as services for the practice of water and underwater activities. 
During the summer season Las Grutas receives a great movement of tourists from different parts of the country.

Beaches over the sea
Water sports and sporting fishing
Scuba diving


Province of Río Negro

Average Temperature
Summer 28º / 14º
Winter 12º / 2º


Buenos Aires 1037
Córdoba 1106
Corrientes 1872
Formosa 1976
La Plata 1072
La Rioja 1597
Mendoza 1310
Neuquén 412
Paraná 1341
Posadas 2101
Rawson 341
Resistencia 1852
Río Gallegos 1442
Salta 1954
S.F.V.Catamarca 1541
San Juan 1321
San Luis 1011
S.M.Tucumán 1658
S.S.Jujuy 1966
Santa Fe 1218
Santa Rosa 500
Sgo. del Estero 1537
Ushuaia 2044
Viedma 1037
San Antonio Este 72
San Antonio Oeste 15
Sierra Grande 117
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