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It is the most important tourist centre of the Chubut mountain range standing over a beatiful mountaineous valley.   
The city is located on the Esquel riverside and is surrounded by the Mount Zeta (the Zed letter), Mount 21, La Cruz (the Cross) and Mount Nahuel Pan; These mountain's slopes make up a great amphitheatre where the different forest lands and vegetations of the valley stand out giving birth to a charming landscape in which millenarian trees, crystal water rivers and hundreds of water mirrors protected by thick woods converge delineating a zone for the astonishment, the enjoyment and the adrenaline.
Its main attractions are concentrated on the winter and summer seasons, but you will have the possibility to enjoy this city all the year long.
The most interesting tourist points are the ski runs of La Hoya in winter and Los Alerces National Park with its millenarian woods in summer. 
It offers two types of excursions and adventure tourism activities, which you can enjoy both on your own or with the help of some local tourism agency or company. 
The commercial chain of clothing and equipment for the different activities such as fishing, skiing, mountaineering, etc; guarantee a good level of provision.
The regional products, such as the handicraft textiles made by the descendants of aboriginals and the authochtonous gastronomic delights, can be enjoyed or bought in restaurants or specialized shops. 
As a tourist city per excellence, it posseses an important infrastructure with modern hotels, hostelries, cabins, residences, restaurants, cafeterias, tea houses, casino and discotheques. 

Los Alerces National Park
Skiing in La Hoya
Varied terrestrial and lacustrine tours and adventure activities


Province of Chubut

Average Temperature
Summer 20º / 7º
Winter 6º / -3º



Buenos Aires 1882
Córdoba 1889
Corrientes 2631
Formosa 2777
La Plata 1881
La Rioja 2040
Mendoza 1555
Neuquén 721
Paraná 2114
Posadas 2806
Rawson 630
Resistencia 2617
Río Gallegos 1358
Salta 2739
S.F.V.Catamarca 2190
San Juan 1740
San Luis 1505
S.M.Tucumán 2435
S.S.Jujuy 2766
Santa Fe 2078
Santa Rosa 1300
Sgo. del Estero 2312
Ushuaia 1942
Viedma 1073
El Bolsón 167
El Maitén 136
Epuyén 125
La Hoya 13
Parque Nacional
 Los Alerces
Represa Futaleufú 45
Tecka 100
Trevelin 24
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